Nira Dgani Law Firm & Mediation –
Profile & Practice areas

Nira Dgani Law Firm & Mediation is one of the oldest and most experienced law firms in Israel, providing legal advice and services for more than 40 years in the areas of cooperative societies, commercial business law, medical cannabis & psychedelics, infrastructure, and renewable energy, arbitration, and mediation, management, transfer of family capital. 

The firm has extensive experience in providing comprehensive legal counseling and services to a wide range of organizations, including kibbutzim and moshavim, kibbutz industrial enterprises, cooperative business associations, municipal associations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, and private and public companies.

The firm provides legal services on a broad range of commercial issues and operates in all judicial instances, appeals committees, and quasi-judicial proceedings.

For more than 4 decades, the law firm of Nira Dgani has maintained an exceptional standard of professionalism, excellence, and integrity, which has earned it a unique reputation in all areas of its activity.


The firm provides a wide range of legal services to its clients with great professionalism, whilst providing a quick, high quality, and comprehensive response to all of its clients' needs. Adv. Nira Dgani brings over 40 years of experience in varied and important fields for corporate, family, and public clients without failing to provide personalized service to each and every client.

Forward-looking Service

Nira Dgani law firm is dedicated to constantly monitoring the legal developments affecting its clients to identify relevant issues and problems promptly, and in a manner that will enable the firm's clients to manage their planning in advance.

Client at the center

The firm is committed to maintaining personal and direct contact with its clients, with an emphasis on a timely response to the client's inquiries and to updating each and every client on an ongoing and clear basis about the matters related to their legal and corporate affairs.

Practice Areas

Cooperative Societies

  • The Nira Dgani Law Firm is one of the oldest and most experienced law firms in the field of Cooperative societies and the Agricultural sector in Israel. The firm's legal team provides comprehensive legal services on issues related to the ongoing activities of the cooperative societies and the interaction between the association and its members, including legal advice and opinions on various subjects, including:
  • Legal support for the community, whether it is cooperative, and whether it faces a change and reconstitution.
  • Legal support for the communities in processes of social change – formulating the reconstitution plan and accompanying changes, regulating the rights of the members (the association's alternative, affiliation), creating and formulating guidelines for the allocation of assets, absorption, and demographic growth, the absorption of independently economic members; the establishment of reserve funds etcetera.
  • Legal advice and support of the business sector in the cooperative society, inter alia on the following subjects:
  • Commercial agreements;
  • Dealing with commercial entities, banks, investors;
  • Manufacturing branches, industry, partnerships;
  • Real estate – providing legal support of processes and real estate transactions, including initiatives that are part of the process of change that the cooperative society is undergoing, the regulation of members' rights (the alternative of the association, etc.), such as expansion/founding of a communal neighborhood, regulating the uses of the cooperative association etcetera.
  • Environmental protection – advice on regulatory issues related to the operation and maintenance of dairy farms and gas stations;
  • The establishment and regulation of activity of commercial spaces belonging to the cooperative society – from the planning stage until the stage of obtaining the business license and required permits;
  • Renewable energy – Providing consultation and representation in the collaborations with manufacturing companies from Israel and abroad, joint projects between communities, project support from the initiation stage to construction and operation of solar energy, construction of power stations etcetera.
  • Distribution agreements, representative offices, agencies, exclusivity and marketing, research and development agreements, franchises – in Israel and abroad
  • International trade agreements;
  • Providing legal support to managements and boards of directors of corporations of cooperative societies;
  • Labor law – Providing legal support to the cooperative association and its affiliated corporations, in its role as an employer in matters of labor laws and collective agreements;
  • Mediation in disputes between the cooperative society and its members, and amongst themselves.


Medical Cannabis & Psychedelics

In recent years, and in light of a growing body of evidence and in-depth studies, the Ministry of Health has determined that medical cannabis helps patients with a broad range of medical diseases and conditions. Accordingly, the State of Israel has permitted the production, distribution, and controlled use of medical cannabis for a growing number of patients and laid the foundation for the development of an advanced cannabis industry with an export potential estimated at billions of shekels annually.

In 2016, the firm launched a unique department dedicated to the subject. The department works on several levels to advance the interests of patients and industry: 

– Legal and Business Support: The firm provides legal support to kibbutzim, business entities, entrepreneurs, research institutions, and investors in the field of medical cannabis, with special legal and business expertise in the field and focuses on creating commercial and public partnerships, business development, and investments.

– Industrial Relations: Our firm has been serving kibbutzim, corporations, and cooperative associations for decades in all fields of agriculture and the kibbutz industry. The firm concurrently cooperates with leading medical cannabis companies in Israel and abroad. This status places the Firm in a pivotal position in supporting and initiating projects, raise funding and manage investments, as well as establishing strategic relationships and collaborations in the Israeli and global medical cannabis industry.

– Regulation: Nira Dgani Law Firm has a direct working relationship with the medical cannabis unit of the Ministry of Health and regulatory bodies in other government ministries regulating the activity of the medical cannabis industry.

– External consulting services: Our firm works in close collaboration with a panel of leading consultants in the areas of agriculture, agronomy, medicine, entrepreneurship, and investments in the field of medical cannabis to provide its clients with the best and most comprehensive business, research, and regulatory information needed to advance their goals.

– Public Activities: Nira Dgani Law firm provided legal support on a pro bono basis to the Medical Cannabis Association, to patients applying for a license to use medical cannabis from the Ministry of Health, and in addition counsels the Medical Cannabis Lobby at the Knesset headed by MK Sharren Haskel.


Our firm provides services & legal advice on Medical Cannabis since 2016. Therefore, we are familiar with many of the issues researchers, businesses, and individuals face in the rapidly expanding area of psychedelics. Under the various restrictions and regulations outlined in the law.

Our firm provides legal services and advice, including:

  • Negotiations & Contracts on various subjects;
  • Intellectual Property & registrations;
  • Regulatory advice & counsel;
  • Entity formation and governance;
  • Finance and investment.


Commercial Business Law

Our firm handles a wide range of commercial issues, including:

  • The establishment and funding of corporations and partnerships, support of corporate law activity, and ongoing advice to the boards of directors and management of corporations;
  • Negotiations and agreements on various subjects, including purchase and distribution agreements, labor agreements, the granting of production and distribution licenses, development agreements, contracting agreements, financing, service, operation and management, franchising agreements etcetera.
  • Providing legal support to and representing, various commercial and banking entities;
  • Providing legal support in real estate transactions;
  • Intellectual Property – handling of trade secrets, patents, designs, names and trademarks, reputation and copyrights;
  • Labor relations – Providing ongoing advice to employers in the field of labor law.
  • Litigation – litigation before the courts and tribunals, arbitration, and mediation.